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Is backup included in the shared hosting plan?

No. backup is not included in the shared hosting package. backup is only included in the VPS server and dedicated server. But you can order a backup add-on. go to this URL to add backup to your order:   https://sparkahost.com/product-category/backups

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, however there are no refund for already  paid month subscription but you can cancel your future subscription by contacting the payment processor company you used during your subscription directly.

How does the cashback reward works?

You earn cashback automatically each time you place order and your order successful. you can use your earned cashback reward toward your future payment. If you cancel your order, your cashback reward will be automatically canceled.

How do I advertise my website on SparkaHost.com?

If you want to advertise your website only on SparkaHost then follow this steps:

  1. Sign up and login
  2. Go to this URL:  https://sparkahost.com
  3. Fill the ads details
  4. Pay for your ad

I forgot my control panel password, how do I change it?

To reset your control panel password, follow this steps:

  • Go to your control panel login page using your control panel URL
  • Click on reset password link
  • Enter your username that is associated with your control panel account
  • Click on reset password button
  • A new password or link to reset your password will be send to the email address we have on file for you.

If after the above steps you still not able to reset your password, you may contact us using the blue phone icon on the left side if you are not logged in to your hosting account. if you are logged in to your hosting account you can contact us using our hotline chat green icon on the right side.

Is SSL included in the shared hosting package?

Yes, SSL is included in all our shared hosting packages, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting. you don’t need to buy SSL certificate. Our SSL is free, we install it for free and is automatically renewed every 3 months, no action is needed on your part.

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